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Where tailoring meets Fashion

De La Garza was created in Warsaw in 2010 by its founder, Rodrigo De La Garza. Rodrigo brings his soul into the brand from his home country of Mexico. When you mix that with the knowledge he acquired in Italy for tailoring, you get not just a tailor but also a menswear designer. De La Garza carries with it a modern sophistication that is unique and timeless that translates beautifully into its suits, coats, shirts, shoes and leather jackets. The garments are aimed at men who value elegance, durability and of course comfort but yet also helping clients find their unique sense of style. De La Garza collections are made in Poland, Italy and Spain, from amazingly sourced materials from Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, and Chile.


Marcin Prokop's private tailor
"De La Garza's designs coincide with my view of men's fashion - I am a believer of impeccably tailored suits with a small details of individuality. The ability to find the perfect balance between these components is given to few. Rodrigo belongs to this unique group." - Marcin Prokop

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