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Who is the administrator of your personal data?
We are, which is DEVORE sp.z.o.o based in Warsaw (00-478) at Aleje Ujazdowskie 8/66 street, registered under the number KRS0000527665. Our registration files are kept by THE DISTRICT COURT IN WARSAW, FOR THE CAPITAL CITY OF WARSAW, XII COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE NATIONAL COURT REGISTER (KRS). TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIP): 7010442921, REGON NUMBER: 147464659

How can you contact us?
By post: Aleje Ujazdowskie 8/66, 00-478 Warsaw and via email address: [email protected]

What are your rights?
1.    to access your personal data,
2.    to correct your personal data,
3.    to request their removal,
4.    to request processing restrictions,
5.    to object to the processing of your personal data,
6.    to transfer your personal data.

What to do if you think we process your data not in conformity with the law regulations?
You can file a complaint to the supervisory body. In Poland, it is the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data http://www.giodo.gov.pl/

Why do we need your data and why do we process them?
1. To fulfil the agreement for creating an account in the e-shop as well as individual sales agreements concluded by the e-shop.

2. To handle the so called returns i.e. withdrawal from sales agreements,
3. To handle complaints i.e. using the rights resulting from a warranty or guarantee,
4. For marketing purposes meaning suggesting products best suited to my purchase and searching history, providing me with information about products sold by the Administrator, the Administrator himself/herself, promotions, promotional events, surveys, and also with my additional consent, mails sent to my e-mail address or phone number.

Do you have to give us your personal data?
It is voluntary. However, without the data you will not be able to create an account in the e-shop and use it co conclude sales agreements.

On what legal basis do we process your data?
1. The Article 6 of the Act 1 letter b and f of GDPR which is this regulation.
Our legally justified interest is marketing and surveys.
2. If you agree on receiving marketing content to your email address and phone number then the legal basis will also be the Article 10 of the Law on Provision of Electronic Services and the Article 172 of The Telecommunication Law.

Who will we pass your data to?
1.    Companies we use for:
a.    analysing movement on the website,
b.    marketing,
c.    sending newsletters and text messages,
2.    Couriers and postmen delivering the purchased products.
3.    Payment operators available on our website.
4.    Bodies dealing with hosting of personal data for the Administrator.

How long will we process your personal data for? 
1.  The time needed to demonstrate the correct implementation of the so called right of return, i.e. the right to withdraw from a sales agreement which means using the rights arising from a warranty or guarantee. This time corresponds to the time period needed for complaints to fall under the statue of limitations.
2. The duration of agreements for creating an account in the e-shop and individual sales agreements, and after their completion, for the time necessary to demonstrate the correct implementation. This time corresponds to the time period needed for complaints to fall under the statue of limitations.
3. The time needed for conducting marketing services by the Administrator or until I express my objection to the further processing of personal data for marketing purposes or withdraw my consent on sending messages to my email address or mobile phone number. Withdrawing my consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing the personal data prior to the withdrawal.

Will your personal data be passed beyond the European Economic Area?
To which countries?
To the Unites States. You have the right to receive the copy of your personal data that will be passed there.
On what legal basis will we pass the data?
On the European Commission implementing decision of 12 July 2016 introducing the Privacy Shield . The data will be passed only to bodies certified under this decision.

Can you oppose to the processing of personal data after you give them to us?
Yes, you can do this in two situations when we process your data:
1.  For the purpose of direct marketing; you do not have to justify your decision;
2.  Based on our other justified interests; such an objection requires justification by your particular situaion.