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The relationship between a man and his shoes is one that is unspoken. As men we tend to go for comfort and durability more than anything. With taking this into account, De La Garza partnered up with a handful of traditional experts that have the know-how in order to create immaculate shoes that men desire. On top of that De La Garza adds its uniqueness and design that is the soul of the brand.

Why De La Garza?

Few have ever had the luxury of knowing what it’s like to wear a shoe that was completely handcrafted. With using only the best leather and meticulously hand stitching the shoes, De La Garza has constructed a shoe that is sophisticated and timeless.
Design Your Own Shoes

Many companies make shoes, but De La Garza shoes have gone above and beyond in filling all of the needs and tastes of its clients. In fact, it’s one of the few articles of clothing that absolutely everyone looks good in. When you wear De La Garza shoes, you will be known for your sophisticated, trend-savvy taste, and you can rest assured that they will never go out of style.


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